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Why do Invoice Factoring Companies need back office support?

To put it precisely, Invoice Factoring Companies can save lots of time and operational costs by outsourcing their associated back office services.


We do the following tasks with high accuracy and at a short span of time:

• The verification of the invoices received from your customers
• Inspecting the supporting documents submitted by them
• Check with the debtors about every customer and
• Finally approve invoice for release of funds

Why us?

• We have experience handling invoice factoring bpo. You can read about one of such experience in this case study
• Our team of representatives is trained with various industry specific softwares.
• We use Subject Matter Experts (SME), a unique methodology to learn the execution of process from you.
• We have strong domain knowledge, aware of industry specific practices and understand country specific rules.
• We will work on your behalf and so you will never feel like the task is being outsourced.

Contact us right away if you are interested in our services.


How Offshoring of Invoice Factoring helped an USA-Canadian Firm?

Every businessman understands that offshoring a part of his business saves the money and increases the productivity. In this blog post, we are going to identify one such real life success story of an USA – Canada based Capital Services Company.

The scenario is the Capital Services Company outsourced their Invoice Factoring functions that serve the USA & Canadian markets. The end results for the client being successful BPO operations, huge overhead costs saving and focusing on core business. Similarly the end result for us being a BPO Company was a loyal client for the lifetime, apart from the monetary benefits, which is clearly a win-win situation.

Look at this infographic image for detailed case study. Alternatively you can visit our Website at here: