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Outsourcing Customer Support Function

Why Customer support is important?
Customer support is a key operation for any business. A contented consumer can yield 100 new consumers to you. The idea to outsource has helped several businesses to survive in the recession market by cutting costs. You will find numerous businesses outsourcing the customer service processes.

Customer Support

Customer Support Outsourcing

Is it a wise decision to outsource Customer Service?
Yes, it is. The BPO companies can offer professional and top-class customer services to keep your customers happy.
The major advantages are:

  • Highly skilled professionals are employed by BPOs
  • Flexible time coverage
  • Coverage during local festivals & holidays
  • Contingency support during extreme weather conditions
  • Client can directly monitor activities through online systems
  • Various reporting to appraise the operation

Whom to Outsource?
Undoubtedly it’s always a great decision to outsource customer service job to a professional BPO company. The point to be considered is identifying the right BPO partner.

  • Experience in the business. More the years of experience, more the expertise
  • Experience in executing different processes for different clients
  • A thorough knowledge on the industry trends and leverage on those skills for servicing their clientele
  • Should possess strong and skilful work force to execute any challenging assignment
  • More importantly commitment and sincerity in project executions

The selection of the right BPO partner is half job done successfully. Infosearch BPO satisfies all the above mentioned criteria and it offers several call center, Business Process & Knowledge Process services.


Five Grievances Of Call Centre Employees

Top five criticisms of Call Center staffs:

The most common top 5 grievances of employees of a Call Center are discussed in this blog post. Also this article explains how Infosearch BPO faces these challenges successfully.

1. Surveillance by management:
One of the very common grievances of call center employees is continuous or frequent call monitoring. They feel it very annoying on such scrutinised activities.

2. Stressful job nature with targets:
Almost all the call center jobs are coupled with targets that make the work too stressful. Another reason for high stress is when the employee has to directly deal with the customers.

3. Monotonous job:
The nature of jobs in call centers or BPOs is repetitive but that becomes a main criticism from staff’s side.

4. Poor working environment:
Poor facilities for employees, poor maintenance of work place, lack of privacy, noisy atmosphere etc disturbs the staffs.

5. Low compensation:
Low salary payment with no bonuses or rewards for a high stress job becomes a major concern for the employees.

How Infosearch tackles it?
Infosearch BPO overcomes these 5 common criticisms and that becomes the main strength of our call center.

At Infosearch,

  • We train the staffs for every process and guide them whenever they need it. Read Life @ Infosearch,to know more about our Company.
  • Targets are set but they are not stressful. Also we keep transferring the staffs to another process to avoid the feeling of the repetitive or monotonous task. Our salary compensations are great which keeps our staffs happy. Read about it in our employees voice itself in Employee Speaks page.
  • We have a World class Infrastructure and a great office premises with clean & neat environment.