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Image Annotation Services

Image annotation service is an activity where we describe the regions in an image with a name. We at Infosearch work with AI & Image Recognition companies and provide image annotation services. We currently handle over 5MM data points a month with a well trained team. The data annotation team is capable of drawing Boundary Boxes, Cuboids, Polygon Bounding Boxes, Image Classification / Tagging, Data Management etc.

It's an era of Artificial Intelligence and AI needs to be trained to produce required results. May it be driverless cars, food delivering drones, Image recognition and so on it needs human powered content to make the automation successful. Image annotation is one such service which is describing an image with a name and it's called tagging.

Types of image annotation services that you can outsource to us :

  • Bounding Box
  • Landmark Annotation
  • Video Annotation
  • Polygonal Annotation
  • Cuboidal Annotation
  • Data Labelling
  • Semantic Segmentation
  • Line Annotation
  • Image Tagging

We provide annotation services for video content on facial expressions, sentiment analysis, interactions etc. Our rates are very competitive and transaction based. All our annotation & tagging projects are executed by trained staff and it will undergo 2 levels of Quality checks before it reaches our client. We do follow data protection under new GDPR guidelines and all our clients' data are safely handled and delivered back in a secured way. With the help of over 125 trained staffs we are able to deliver projects at a faster TAT.

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