The process of offshore back office processing is a simple, reliable and efficient way to manage your business function. The model is not only cost effective but also highly productive.

In General clients have apprehensions towards outsourcing for reasons like data security, project deliverables, language barrier etc. The BPO industry addressed these issues with the help up technology and people skills. Here are some of the solutions:
7 tips for offshoring your bpo services

  1. Data Security – Data is considered a critical component of any business. It needs to be dealt with care. The data needs to be shared with BPO partners for execution of work but at the same time it should be protected against misuse and theft.

We follow data protection policies to ensure data is handled in a secured way. With the help of technology data is handled through VPN (Virtual Private Network). This will ensure transmission of data is limited to two entities in a secured network. The flow of data is closely monitored to ensure data is protected against hacking and misuse.

The offshore team will be given controlled access to the data on a restricted IP platform. The log files, online monitoring etc. will ensure full protection of data transmissions.

2. Domain Knowledge – In a highly competitive business world, it’s important to satisfy our customers through high quality and fast service. The knowledge and standards differ country wise and it’s important for an outsourcing company to acquire the business specific and country specific knowledge and it will make all the difference. The customer shouldn’t be compromised on the level of quality offered.

We hire domain specialists with prior experience, train them as per the clients’ standards and engage them in completing offshore tasks.

3. Working hours – The concept of near shoring came up mainly to tackle the issue. The companies in USA explored Mexico and Ireland by UK is mainly because of time zones, culture similarity and proximity. The concept didn’t work in reality as the service levels dipped which caused lot of hardship to the businesses who near shored their operations.

We are geared up to offer our services as per the client’s working hours and holidays. The BPO team are familiar and comfortable working as per the clients’ working hours made the job easy.

4. Operation Methodology – The operation methodology is derived to work along with the client in a real time ensures accuracy, validation and higher productivity in the work. The work is clearly delegated and divided amongst the onshore and offshore team. This creates a healthy team work, synergy and bonding.

5. Language Skills – It’s needless to mention the importance of language. A clear communication will make all the difference. It’s not only the language but also the industry specific terminologies, accent, dialects etc. The offshore team members are hired with required language skills to communicate effectively with the clients to accomplish daily tasks.

6. Operation Flexibility – The model involves working with various people, clients and customers. The offshore operation needs to be flexible to accommodate various expectations and tasks. We always provide the flexibility to our clients to make the process smooth, efficient and high productive. We do regular reviews with the client to ensure all expectations are fulfilled as per the desired levels.

7. Benefits – The biggest advantage is cost saving on the overheads. The offshore model will cost 1/3rd of the cost and still be able to accomplish all tasks with high standards.

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The BPO companies are aware that the client is not just giving an opportunity to serve them but also offloading their core business activities to an offshore company. We need to prove that the process is delivering the right tasks, data is secured and a win-win situation.

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