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We don't outsource projects to other BPO centres. We execute all projects in house only.

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BPO Services

In general, the process of outsourcing specific Business services to a third party BPO Outsourcing Company is called Business Process Outsourcing. Generally Businesses do outsource their services to offshoring (different time zone) or nearshoring (same time zone) companies. Infosearch BPO Services is a both nearshore and offshore outsourcing BPO services provider to all Businesses.

Businesses can nearshore / offshore / outsource the core and non-core business services to BPO offshore outsourcing companies to reduce cost on overheads, get specialized services and faster TAT. The usual practice by companies are to outsource their businsess services like back office support, accounting processes, HR services, sales & marketing, customer support, IT support services, procurement etc to BPO providers.

This will give opportunities to companies to explore skilled talents from the BPO Companies at a lesser cost. The BPO offshoring companies can provide flexibility in terms of deliverables, costs, meeting deadlines and implementing technological advancements.

Being a BPO Company, we offer the following Business services:

Why Infosearch For Business Outsourcing or Offshoring Services?

Today’s business demands high quality service at a lesser cost to compete in price driven markets. The outsourcing / offshoring model helps businesses to focus on R&D and new initiatives to provide new products and services to their customers and to sustain in the competitive markets.

We at Infosearch offer specialized BPO offshoring services to our clients. The clients can reduce their operational overheads by outsourcing. The outsourced activity will be performed by trained executives and manager to deliver the best to our clients.

Each outsourced business service will be executed by trained and experienced professionals in our company. A detailed process flow is derived in consultation with the clients to provide a quality service. Our team will be in touch with the client regularly and periodic reviews will be conducted to evaluate the operation and to fill the gaps.

We at Infosearch use best of technological solutions like CRM, voice services, remote desktop, VPN connectivity, web conference tools, Project management tools etc to handle the outsourcing services.


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