Answering Service

Banking and Financial Sector jargons seem highly complex to the common man. But ‘Common Man’ is the target for these sectors. Expanding their network, customer base and service quality is a big challenge to both banking and non-banking financial sectors. But with increasing competition, sky-rocketing operation costs and dampening resources, banking and financial sectors find it a Herculean task to establish these objectives.

As an acknowledgement to this crippling situation, business process outsourcing is hired by most of the banking and non-banking financial sectors today. Fully automated, semi-automated and personalized interactive voice response solutions are offered by both National and International Call Centers and BPOs today.

Answering Service for Banking and Non-Banking Financial Sectors is a viable option because:

1. Instant and effective communication is the key to expanding network, increasing customer base and enhancing service quality of both banking and financial sectors.

2. This instant and effective communication is the solution offered by various business process outsourcing companies.

3. Not only do these solutions ensure that customers and potential customers are contacted at the right time for the right product; they also make sure that the customer’s or the potential customer’s grievances, doubts and queries are handled in the language of their choice.

Outsourcing these business process to call centers and the like is highly effective and efficient owing to the following reasons –

1. Reduced Operation Costs

2. Better Service Quality

3. Higher Customer Satisfaction

4. Increasing Revenue

5. Expanding the Network

Answering services for banking and financial sectors are mass based communication campaigns that deal with core banking applications with flexible rules, thereby bringing in or making more customers and potential customers interested in the banking products and services. Banking and Financial Institutions thrive on up-selling and cross-selling, both of which can be automated thereby warranting more accurate results amongst the sales force. Answering services for banking and financial sectors also ensure immediate feedback on customer interactions with the bank and on the products and services of the financial institutions.

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