Chennai has recorded a steady year-on-year growth as the outsourcing Companies are also scaling up and expanding their operations. The most important factor is that the Chennai is a much more cost-efficient city than any other metropolitan cities; moreover, it produces an equally good talent pool.

The speed at which the ITES-BPO sector is maturing in Chennai, India is really amazing and also BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) sector remains largely unaffected by the global financial crisis in the country. Chennai offers a magnificent, good infrastructure and also an enabling business environment to support IT-BPO firms to set up base there. Affordable cost of living, great physical and supporting infrastructure, availability of abundant talent, good governmental support, etc make Chennai the ideal choice for BPO Services. Adjacent to this, workforce and closeness to the airport are some other vital factors that are considered by most of the clients who tends to outsource their BPO projects.

“Chennai is a tier-1 BPO location and has been growing rapidly to address the needs for outsourced services. Historically, Chennai’s cost, skill, and work ethic balance has attracted high-end services, and, so far, it has scaled with the rapid growth in the BPO/ITeS sector in the past three years.”

Most of the companies looking for outsourcing their projects for BPO feel that when compared to other destinations in the south, Chennai offers better infrastructure. The key growth factors for Chennai have been its,

* Ability to provide the needs of the new economy in terms of factors such as critical mass of human resources with required skill-sets
* Competitive business environment to grow.
* Operating cost advantages, scalability, and low cost, quality real estate, telecom connectivity etc
* Quality of urban infrastructure, city governance and intelligibility
* Skilled professionals to deliver successful and quality output.

Due to the rise of Outsourcing companies which includes BPO, call centers, KPO, LPO etc. the Job opportunities have increased rapidly which proves that the skills and intelligence will never go in vain.