BPO Service Provider in India

Business Process outsourcing or BPO as it is generally referred to, is meant to take care of non-core processes. Generally businesses contact as BPO Service Providers as possible, present their needs and requirements clearly, request for quotes from the service providers and finally compare the quotes based on their cost-efficiency. There are three more criteria for businesses to select the most suitable BPO Service Provider.

They are:

  • 1. Proven Track Record
  • 2. Technical Excellence & Domain Expertise
  • 3. Ability to Deliver Improvement

BPO Service Providers in India are the most sought after location for cost effective and quality services. BPO service providers in India offer a host of outsourcing solutions. BPO Service Providers offer inbound and outbound services take care of new customer acquisitions and service. BPO services can be utilized by educational institutions and public & private sector companies.

One-third of BPO revenue globally for Service Providers comes from the banking and financial sector according to studies and research. BPO Service Providers have functionalities corresponding to Automated Call Distribution (ACD).

ACD Systems handle large volumes of incoming calls. These calls are from callers who require assistance for their queries at the earliest possible time. This functionality helps agents at the BPO service center by employing a routing strategy based on pre-set rules and/or sets of instructions.

This process is taken care by :

BPO Service Providers effectively and efficiently utilize one or more of these processes to manage their calls better, improve efficiency and deliver quality service to their customers and therefore, their clients.