We at Infosearch work with Retail intelligence, Retail Audit, Merchandising, Machine learning, AI and IR industries to provide various data services which requires human skills. We provide Human in the loop services for machine learning. Please find below some of our data services specific to these industries.

Industries and Services

Services at Infosearch

The machine learning requires huge force of human assistance. There are 2 ways of accomplishing the human tasks. One is through Crowd sourced team and another by outsourcing it to a BPO company. Crowd sourced members are freelancers who are spread across various countries with various skills. The biggest challenge in using crowd source team is training. This will reflect in the quality of work they deliver. There are various disadvantages, find below a simple comparison of these two types of services.

BPO Services Crowd Sourced Team
Unanimous knowledge Knowledge Gaps
Single point of Contact – Project Manager for sharing knowledge & updates. No single point of contact
Quality assurance through dedicated QA teams No QA process
Faster TAT No control on deliveries
Ease of payments – Payment to one company Paying individually to hundreds of freelancers and addressing their payment issues.

Some of our existing clients transitioned to us (BPO) after experiencing difficulties using crowd sourced teams. We at Infosearch deliver projects using our well trained, strong team of 130+ members. A team will comprise of 10- 15 members with a Team leader and QA person constantly assisting them and ensuring quality.

Website: https://www.infosearchbpo.com

Please write to us on your requirement and we will be happy to support you.

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