Discussing the various aspects of outsourcing customer service with a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider will assist you in identifying the best BPO provider in the market which best matches your needs.

Infosearch can be the right customer service BPO for your business for many reasons, such as

  • 19 years of expertise in customer services
  • The tasks are executed in-house with over 400 well trained employees
  • Serves Businesses from anywhere in the World that belong to any industry of any size
  • 24×7 support for your business
  • World class infrastructure and advanced technologies
  • ISO certified company
  • Strictly follows GDPR and data protection policies 
  • Pay-as-you-go model for payments

Contact Infosearch to outsource your customer service operations. Here are the top 10 questions to ask, when you outsource your customer services to a BPO company:

1. Do you have knowledge of customer service solutions and what it enhance?

Determine the provider’s competence and historic records in rendering high-level customer service solutions by focusing on their industry background and clientele portfolio.

2. How is your strategy for on-rail trainers and quality assessments for customer service representatives?

Ask them about their training methods, performance indicators, and quality control processes used & verify that their representatives are well trained & can deliver top-notch service.

3. Can you please give me a list of references or some cases you dealt with, from the people you worked with before?

Ask for some references or case studies from clients with the same requirements as the one you need in order to figure out the vendor’s competence, ability to implement your expectations, and ability to meet set goals.

4. How do you make it possible for customers to get in touch with your customer service in different situations and channels?

Knowing the provider’s ensemble of technologies, along with the call center software, CRM shows, analytics tools, and security, does help to be on par with our system and pecuniary requirements.

5. You need to explain on how you provide for data security and are in compliance with the different regulations

Make sure that your provider has robust data security practices and sufficient compliance with applicable regulations like GDPR or HIPAA in place to protect sensitive data and avert exposure to liability.

6. What is the way your article is devoted to scaling and adaptation?

Describe how the vendor can even, at peak times, adjust Skype for Business to fit your business needs and handle fluctuations in call number or seasonal demands.

7. Do you allow your customers to reach you through various communication platforms (phone, email, chat, and social media channels?).

Confirm if the vendor can help customers with their queries and suggestions on all platforms to ensure that the customers get a consistent and positive experience with your brand.

8. What are the metrics and metrics reporting basis, and how do you measure and report on those key performance indicators (KPIs)?

Appreciate the key performance indicators that the provider measures and observe how they are reporting in terms of time response, resolution rate, customer satisfaction, and the first call solution.

9. What would be your options for disaster recovery and a business continuity plan?

See to it that the provider has contingency plans in place that are robust enough to preempt the chances of risks, and also to keep service delivery uninterrupted.

10. Considering your pricing policy and service level agreements (SLAs), please tell us how the product works.

Talk about prices: the cost of setup, monthly subscription fees (activation, updates, etc.), and possibly even separate costs added for premium services, integrations, or customization. Reconsider SLA (Service Level Agreement) to integrate all your demands, including quality level, response, and availability.

These questions are the information sources to evaluate would-be BPO partners and a wise-guide to choosing one that is targeted at your business.

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