We are a BPO company with over 12 years of experience in providing BPO services to clients in USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, India and Australia. We provide specialized data services to Retail Intelligence, Retail Audit, Merchandising and Image Recognition companies.

Data Services

The above mentioned industries gather huge data from retail stores through crowd sourcing. The data needs to be validated to ensure quality. The quality audited data will help clients to analyse the insights on store performance, brand positioning, stock alerts, planogram checks etc.

The analytics will help brands to identify gaps, improve their store strategies, competitor analysis etc. Our team has a fair knowledge on the domain to quality check various parameters as per the clients’ requirement.

Our Services
• Data / Image validation on crowd sourced data from retail stores.
• Image Tagging
• Photo Consistency & Image quality for Image recognition compatibility.
• Creating/updating Photo library.
• Quality Checks of Image recognition
• Imparting feedback to the field team on photo shooting guidelines
• Data conversion to excel, word, CSV, PDF etc.
• Image Tagging, Creating Excel forms and other customer data services.

• Retail Domain Knowledge
• Flexibility to work on all world time zones.
• Multilingual support (English and European Languages)
• Transaction Based Billing
• Highly cost effective
• Faster Turn Around Time (All 7 days coverage)
• Capacity to handle huge volume

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