The banking and financial services revolves around Speed and Accuracy. A successful company should ensure faster delivery of funds to their customers and at the same time conduct accurate scrutiny of documents to ensure repayments. Speed matters most to the customers and Accuracy matters to the organisation.

Back Office Support

Why Outsourcing?
Outsourcing your operation will obviously give you cost advantage, improved efficiency and faster execution of the operation.

Key Advantages
Speed – Well Trained & experienced staff to execute the work.

Data Security – We follow data protection practices hence your data is secured. The day to day operation is performed in a secured VPN, Firewall and IP restricted infrastructure.

Working hours – We work as per client’s working hours to closely interact with the client and customers for smooth operation.

Quality – Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company quality is embedded in our process.

Cost – The same level of services are available at one third (1/3rd) of the cost. Client can save additional costs on in house facilities like work stations, computers, internet etc.

The methodology is simple. Our team will perform the set tasks assigned by the client from a remote location and all other aspects remain the same. Our team interacts with the client’s team through phone, chat, video calling etc. There will be regular training, feedback and review sessions at regular intervals to improve the efficiency.

The outsourcing of back office work can help the organisation to focus on new business developments and expansion of scope of services. A portion of saved cost can be used for marketing expenditure and offer attractive discounts to their existing customers.

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