Five Myths On Outsourcing Annotation Services

Outsourcing is a comprehensive business practice that is still being a paradox. Many IT projects are being outsourced. Yet several businesses aren’t coming up forward to lend projects for outsourcing. There is a lot of fabrication of untruths behind outsourcing. Many people, who come front, contract out projects, step back due to the infused falsehood that’s being spread. Let’s walk in through the myths that people tend to believe.

These are the myths that stop people from outsourcing annotation services.

1. Low-quality Product

This is truly a wholesome falsehood. The quality of any product depends upon the people who work on it. Whether the work is in-house or given to an outsourcing company, it totally relies on how efficiently the work is carried out and the type of expertise that people get on to the work. Another factor is the price. It is generally estimated, low price, low quality, that’s prejudicial. The price has nothing to do with the quality of work. Other countries outsource to India for the punctual delivery and the quality of the work, too. Furthermore, the choice of the outsourcing company also matters. There are several outsourcing companies, the best one is what the lender should choose, wisely. Outsourcing service providers follow the right procedure and give the best of their services.

2. Data Security

This is another primary concern for companies that lend their projects for outsourcing, the safety of their data. Outsourcing service providers hold to their work ethics and maintain confidentiality. The company and the outsourcing provider sign a contract for each project, separately. They also sign up an NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement, that’s another evidence of trust. Any information shall not be disclosed out by the outsourcing provider during the tenure of work. Not only the annotated data but the raw data is also kept confidential. The outsourcing service providers work proficiently according to work ethics. This doesn’t compromise data security. They follow the standard regulations and abide by ISO 27001 certifications. The government of India has passed a new bill, Data Protection Bill that’s adding trust to international companies to outsource with the annotators.

3. Outsourcing is expensive

If a company does annotation in-house, it requires specialized hardware and software. Not only that, along with it, do they require highly equipped and educated experts to handle and process the data. The company should also come by the expert’s requirement and full fill those to get in return the expected work in the expected quality. These are all additional burdens on the company. Not every time do such projects come, if the company has to hire, it has to search for different people at different corners of expertise, that’s again cumbersome. To avoid all these, it’s way better to hand over the project to an already experienced team of professionals. The outsourcing service providers already are skilled enough and take less time to finish the project within the time frame.

4.     Language and Cultural Hindrances

We all know, globalization has given the language English to almost all countries. It is hard enough to find a country that’s not proficient in English. This is again a myth that people tend to believe. Language is not a big barrier to outsourcing data. This is a significant issue when projects are given for outsourcing overseas. Even then, when the outsourcing provider holds vast experience and is highly comfortable with English, this is not a problem to worry about. This automatically will get resolved.

5. Complexity of the project

Numerous companies presume their project is very complex in nature and they doubt if the annotators meet their requirements and hold accountability for the project. When the project is discussed by both parties, it is easy to make things understandable on either of the ends. The discussion gives clarity to both the service seeker and the provider. This also enhances the trust that the annotator could earn. Data outsourcing companies and annotators hold a variety of experiences and have the capability to deal with any complex project.

Break the Myths!

Amidst so many myths, there are companies that still find outsourcing providers and seek their help with full trust. Choose the outsourcing provider wisely and discuss the company’s requirement, trust them fully, get your work done, successfully.

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