At Infosearch, we are experts in Bounding Box Annotation, Polygonal and Cuboidal Annotation services. Contact us, if you are looking to outsource annotation services to us.

AI in Agriculture with Bounding Box & Semantic Segmentation Annotation


Bounding Box Annotation

It’s a popular method of classifying classes in an image or video. We have been providing BB annotation to retail, robotics, autonomous vehicles, Machine learning industries. We have done around 50MM bounding boxes for various projects in the last one year.

Bounding Box

Polygon Annotation

It’s a sub sect of tagging and we have to define the products using polygon shapes. The process involves drawing polygon shapes over the products.


Cuboid Annotation

It’s a different form of annotation which requires to draw boxes in a 3D perspective.

Infosearch specializes in more than 15 types of annotation services. Contact us, if want to know more about our services.

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