Online food ordering is a new age business with high demand and acceptance. It requires to integrate customers, Application or service provider and Restaurants. The process needs to be synchronized for faster deliveries.

The product is evolving in many dimensions with addition of different cuisines and customization. Customers are given option to select a specific restaurant or cuisine. The app should have provision to suggest choices based on cuisine selection and location.

The whole idea of online good ordering should give ease, convenience and faster deliveries of food to customers. The big player Grubhub Inc. delivered orders worth $1.5 billion in the last year. It’s a 61% online ordering market share. The industry is growing at a rapid phase soon expected to touch over $5 billion.

Need for a Call centre support

Even though these are App based solution there is a need for human intervention through call centre support services by coordinating with customers, restaurants and delivery team. Infosearch BPO offers Call Centre support services for such services. Contact us if you are looking for the support service. Email: enquiries(at)infosearchbpo(dot)com