It’s a new year and every business is constantly changing or evolving. As more and more companies from UK, USA, Europe, Australia and other countries have started outsourcing their business services to offshore destinations like India, the Outsourcing trends have changed. In the past 2 months of the year things are taking a different shape in outsourcing business.

The expectations of a business from its Outsourcing partner are changing and the more emphasis is given to the following points.

Data Protection – Clients expect outsourcing partners to manage and handle data in a secured way as remote data handling is the key in outsourcing. There needs to be technical and physical data protection measures are required to be followed. These are expected to curtail misuse of data.

Cost Effective operations – Even though cost is the driving factor in outsourcing there have not been expenditures which are costly like travel by the client to the offshore centre, direct trainings, operational expenditure etc. The New Year will bring in a shift on this point as companies are trying effective ways to communicate, train and operate.

Value Added Services – The offshore centres have started offering various value added services to satisfy their clients at a nominal or zero additional cost.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – It’s a revolutionary technique which can replace manual work on certain repetitive work. The outsourcing industry will start using RPA as services to their clients as it needs some expertise in using them.

Flexible operation Hours – The whole industry used to work as per the client’s requirement with respect to operating hours. There seems a change expected as clients are open and flexible for operation hours by the BPO companies. The back end work doesn’t require to interact with customers or employees of the clients regularly hence the flexibility can be explore by the industry.

So these were the top 5 Outsourcing trends to keep an eye on when you want to outsource your business services.

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