Infosearch has been in the outsourcing business since 2005, which was the period when outsourcing was slowly becoming popular in India. Currently, Infosearch is successfully celebrating 19th year into the outsourcing business and is one of the leading BPO Outsourcing Companies in India. So Infosearch has seen various trends, advancements in technology, growth in world-class infrastructure and more. This huge experience and expertise has given Infosearch confidence that it can accommodate any of the future trends in outsourcing or offshoring.        

Infosearch provides various outsourcing services that are categorised under Annotation services, BPO services, Data Management Services and Call Centre Services.

Here are some key trends in offshoring and outsourcing that are likely to shape the future:

1. The or AI automation outsourcing – This will change the vision. Many of today’s manual repetitive, rules-based jobs will be done by automation through robotic process automation, AI and machine learning. Thus, this will help to hold the labour costs to a minimum but considerably increase expenditure on the new systems.

2. Pivot from cost to value strategic perspective – Companies more often emphasize strategic qualities inclusive of quality improvement; business transformation; and revenue growth above cost savings when outsourcing. The service providers will work partners along with the client on their strategic goals

3. Growth in nearshoring and onshoring – The drive towards tapping into the needed talent, protecting the data/IP, and doing close oversight and engagement with staff originates some outsourcing activities that are in nearshoring or onshoring models. Localities in the same region will get the chance to bring task back closer as distance will be the key for outsourcing.

4. Growing focus on cyber security and data privacy – With the recent rise of cyber threats and data privacy regulations, companies offering IT, engineering or business process outsourcing will become stricter in security audits and will include provisions related to client data security and location in the contracts with vendors.

5. More intelligent agreements – With the reduction of the large long-term outsourcing agreements to a single service provider, companies will switch to smaller, chosen contracts that protect them against future technology disruptions and allow them the flexibility to diversify their service providers. Relations as much as cost as they keep the size of season in mind.

A more seamless combination of client requirements, technology advances and offshore service environments will be a major factor in determining future alliances to become faster, more secure, and strategy-driven groups.

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