Toll Free Services

Toll free call center Services are a small but important decision in every business. Having a toll free number is something to offer many advantages to small businesses and professionals throughout the country.

Toll free numbers open many doors traditional local phone service cannot provide. The most important thing that a toll free telephone number provides is making your company more accessible to clients,

potential clients, employees, and business associates. A toll free number will enhance your business’s image. It will show that you are a successful, professional company, and wide reaching company.

Infosearch BPO Call Center is aware of the importance of having a toll free number. With our specialized toll free services and inbound 1800 service, your phone calls are answered by our award winning call center service representatives. These 1800 inbound and toll free calls may be handled entirely by our customer service representative or can be routed to your staff.

When call center provides you with a toll free phone number, it does not require any additional lines on your telephone or a new telecom service. With toll free number, all of the calls to it will be answered by customer service representatives on behalf of Client company. In addition, if there are areas of the country you do not wish to receive telephone calls from, we are able to block any area code from accessing the toll number.

When an existing or potential client calls your company, and they are doing so outside of your regional calling area, they expect you to have a toll free number or 1800 numbers.

Today, toll free or 1800 service is the business standard.our Call Center can help your business thrive by utilizing our toll free service. Not only can we provide you with your very own, unique toll free number, InfoSearch BPO Services also manage your 1800 number needs. A Toll free call center provides your business with a powerful corporate identity. Having a toll number is a great way to establish your business as a trusted entity.