Advancements in Information Technology have led a path for call centers to leave their trial everywhere. In recent days, variety of new technologies is introduced to support call centers and thus they drive business in outsourcing. These technologies play a vital role in BPO and Call centers to provide quality service, security purposes and time management.

The Contact Centers with new infrastructure has become the most important asset after human resources for the clients to choose the right BPO & Call Centers for outsourcing their business. Technology & Infrastructure Change has made Call Centre Outsourcing companies to adopt new business models that can place the call center agents anywhere, can be accessed through the network at less costs. The introduction of new call center infrastructure has made operating a call center much easier, faster & less expensive too.

According to Prosci research, survey conducted among 120 call centers has found that email is commonly used means of customer contact and service. The findings from the survey have been tabulated below.

Technologies list

The change of structure with updating new technologies will enable proper selection of call centers for outsourcing needs. The major requirements of a call center infrastructure include public switched telephone network, router, long distance carrier (LDC), Ethernet switch, modem and contact center server. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has been used to transmit voice and datas to another location through Internet Protocol (IP) network.

As with so much of technology advancements in the companies, the web has provided new opportunities for the organizations to bring people together from large distances through various communications. The Company’s websites provide useful information and the forums help them to discuss and exchange their views, useful information among the agents, to post suggestion depending on the agents needs and the Career’s page to apply jobs.