Regularly scheduled e-learning videos that are solely dialogue-based can result in students’ passive and one-time views of education or even a lack of comprehension. Video annotation helps to smarten up the process of video learning by structuring and implementing other different visual elements.

Infosearch BPO provides precise and comprehensive video annotation services for education purposes. We are in the phase of life where E-learning has become something unavoidable. As there are various sources to e-learn, only those videos can be popular or useful for students, which are well annotated. So video annotation becomes inevitable. At Infosearch we provide best video annotation services for all industries like sports, autonomous vehicles, education etc.    

Interactive Video Annotation can be defined as a symbolic and visually-oriented interactive communication technique that is adopted to support the implementation of certain process within the organization.

Imagine that you are watching a raw video where the basic function of the human heart is being described. The moment the teacher taps onto the relevant zone, the clickable notations show up falling into definitions, 3D models or some questions.

It is this power of interactive video annotation that allows one to see and understand life through the eyes of others. It helps to provide remote students with clear explanations and to quickly grasp essential concepts, directly reducing their tutoring requirements.

Benefits for Learners:

* Increased Engagement: An interactive feature of the videos holds the attention of the learners and turns these from mere presentations into real experiences.

* Enhanced Knowledge Retention: Instant access is gained through clickable annotations that trigger explanations, definitions, and visuals, which help in retention of the concept. In the future world predicted by science fiction, humans are pushed to their limits as they confronts the unknown.

* Personalized Learning Paths: In this, the participation of the learner is enhanced and he is able to follow tutorials at his own speed as well as opt to explore topics that interest him.

* Improved Accessibility: Annotation includes subtitles, transcripts, and alternative language choices, thus, the learning materials become more understandable by a wide range of learners than before.

Benefits for Instructors and Course Creators:

* Richer Content Creation: These commentary tools give instructors the opportunity to add an extra element, giving more context and information to the content as students go through the video.

* Improved Assessment: Scheduled short quizzes in the video can be used as a tool for measuring the level of learner understanding. Throughout the video, there can be interactive components added that can tell the user the level of comprehension right then as they are watching the videos.

* Deeper Analytics: Platforms may use associations such as learner actions (annotation) to allow discovering the ways to improve the content and to increase the level of learners’ engagement.

Examples of Interactive Video Annotation in E-Learning:

* Marking important words or concept in the course of the text along with explanations of their meaning.

* Including questions or polls directly into the video as a means of ensuring that the viewers got the gist of the content.

* Providing links to other examples to learn more or to related videos to explore.

* Adding 3D models strive to present complicated science concepts more vividly.

The Future of E-Learning is Interactive Because the World is Shifting to the Virtual.

Interactive video annotation through new approaches is revolutionizing the virtual learning environment, as it enriches learning profoundly, allowing it to be more interesting, unique, and effective. When the word ‘technology’ progresses, one may anticipate more gold features and capabilities that will be instrumental in providing the multimedia environment.

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