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Video Annotation

Video Annotation for AI & Machine Learning

Video Annotation for AI & Machine Learning

In simple terms annotating the content of the video refers video annotation. It doesn"t mean transcribing the video content but to annotate required parameters in a video. For example in a foot ball game we may want to know the time of ball possession by host and opponent team, passes, losses etc. We can also track specific player by drawing bounding box for analysis purpose.

The annotation tool allows us to annotate required classes as we watch the video. The tool will have the option of pause, rewind, forward, slow motion etc. for better annotation results.

Video annotation is the process of detecting objects, localizing them and tracking human activities / poses from a video. At Infosearch, we approach video annotation by the continuous frame method. We employ automation technologies to accurately streamline the video annotation process. The computer will examine pixels in corresponding frames and forecast how they will move throughout the film. As a result, the video's continuity and flow will be preserved.

Video Annotation For Machine Learning

Video annotations have vast applications in AI across industries. Some of them are,

Why to Outsource Video Annotation to Infosearch?

Video annotation can be a difficult task. The images in the video can have a variety of issues, such as inadequate lighting, obscured target items, or sections of the image that are unrecognisable to the naked eye. Our expert in-house team carefully considers how to represent these elements and gives you a high quality output. Through video annotation which generates high-quality training data, we create AI solutions with excellent precision and speed. Write to us right away with your requirements.

Video Annotation For Autonomous Vehicles


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