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Back Office Services

It is possible by any industry to outsource their business functions. The work to be outsourced can be technical, accounting, Human resources, sales, Marketing, customer support, Research and Development, IT support, Operations, etc. The outsourcing process is simple, reliable and effective way to manage business processing.

backoffice support services

We at Infosearch have been providing back office support services to a Logistics company. The gamut of services includes customer support, business operations, Accounts, Finance, Business Analysis, Digital marketing and Franchisee support. Our team members were trained in the specific functions and are able to deliver the required results. We work as per the client’s working hours and days enabling a smooth operation.

The process of Back office has proved cost effective to any size of business. Start-ups benefit the most, as they will have to be cautious on their overheads in the initial stages of their business. There is huge potential to save overheads by businesses of any size. To give a clear comparison it will cost one-fifth (1/5) of the expenditure by outsourcing.

BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) is an option available to businesses. BPO companies like us can build processes, operate it effectively and transfer the knowledge, ideas, processes and technical stuff to the principle business after 3-5 years. Start-ups again can make use of this model in the initial stages of their business.

We at Infosearch had successfully completed a BOT model to a financial services company based at North America. The agreement was for a period of five years to provide support to operation, accounts and customer service. The client had to ramp up the operation to cater to a new market and were unable to do it internally.

There is another advantage in outsourcing which is availability of flexible work force. This comes handy to seasonal businesses and any business which needs to ramp up team size in a short span. We at Infosearch provides complete flexibility for ramp up and ramp down of work force which enables our clients’ to bid for projects of any size.

Some of the industries we server are Capital finance, Invoice factoring, Sports Analytics, Logistics, Market research, AI, and Machine Learning. The list is not a limit on our capabilities but some examples. We will be able to provide Back Office Support to any type of business of any size.

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