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For Machine Learning

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Bounding Box Annotation

Bounding box annotation services is the most common and widely used model for Machine learning tasks. The annotators will draw a bounding box over an object and label them with an object class. Generally the bounding boxes are drawn tight with no loose ends. The task seems simple but it requires meticulous effort to keep up the consistency. Bounding boxes are generally used for image annotations.

Our Company, Infosearch offers 2D & 3D bounding box annotation outsourcing services for computer vision and machine learning applications. The use cases are for autonomous vehicle, SKU classification in retail industry, food tray, house objects, Agrotech and many more.

Bounding Box Annotation for Machine Learning

Bounding Box Annotation
for Machine Learning

Bounding Box Annotation for Autonomous Vehicle

Bounding Box Object Detection
for Autonomous Vehicles

Bounding Box For Retail & ECommerce

Bounding Box Image Tagging
for Retail & ECommerce

Applications of Bounding Box Annotation:

Data Training For Autonomous Vehicles:

Bounding Box Annotation is used in the industry of autonomous vehicles to detect the vehicles, traffic lights, license plates, streets etc. This technique helps driverless cars to detect all the objects in their surroundings.

Image Annotation For Retail & Ecommerce:

Bounding Box annotation can also be used in the retail & ecommerce industries, enabling various objects recognizable and making them easily accessible for visual search. Be it a fashion shop, furniture shop or any online store, bounding box annotation & tagging technique helps to detect various objects from the shelf or display or model.

Object Detection For Insurance claims:

It helps in detecting the damages in an accident to enable the seamless estimation of insurance claims. With bounding box annotation we can detect the damaged vehicle, broken windows, smashed bonnet, lights and other accessories.

Why to Outsource Bounding Box Annotation to us?

  • Accurate Annotation – With superior techniques and tools, we provide the accurate annotation services to our clients. Multiple levels of moderation give the pixel perfect solutions.
  • Data Security – We follow GDPR data protection compliance that ensures your privacy strictly.
  • Total Customization – We provide totally customized solutions for every project.
  • In-house Team – We execute the projects with our trained and experienced in-house employees which ensure high quality services.
  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001 Certified Company
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Image Annotation Services With Bounding Boxes


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