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We don't outsource projects to other BPO centres. We execute all projects in house only.

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InfoSearch BPO Services is an equal opportunity company providing BPO & Call Centre (Customer Service) jobs. Every employee of the organization will have a challenging job to play and perform. Performance is monitored to reward and relish the employees.

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Job Benefits & Remuneration

We understand the contribution of employees for the company's prosperity and hence we provide them with attractive remuneration, welfare measures and a good working atmosphere. This installs a sense-of-belonging with them.

Infosearch has a friendly work culture with flat levels of hierarchy. Our employees are entitled to a variety of incentives which are performance based and are in addition to the fixed compensation structure thereby motivating the employees to perform aggressively to the best of their capabilities.

We believe that the key to customer satisfaction is employee satisfaction. In the Information Technology enabled industry (ITES) which relies heavily on manpower, this has become a powerful strategy. We place the needs of employees in par with the needs of customers. We provide our employees with space to grow, time to think or tools to use thereby ensuring they succeed in their career. We provide our employees with the necessary knowledge, support and recognition.

We realize and tap the hidden potentials of the employees .We motivate the employees to get from better to good and from good to the best. We closely monitor the performance of our employees and offer suggestions for better performance. We provide our employees with space to grow, time to think or tools to use thereby ensuring they succeed in their career.

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Learning & Development while Working

Our training helps our employees not only to acquire special skills for the various processes such as customer service, telemarketing, lead generation, technical support, but also aims at personality development and transformation which enhances their future prospects. At Infosearch, we provide opportunities to our employees to operate in a global business environment.

Infosearch is a fast growing BPO company. To keep pace with the demands of our valued clients we are looking for the listed position, click to view the jobs.

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