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Life @ Infosearch


Infosearch is a Company which hires many youngsters at the beginning of their careers. We provide them extensive training which transforms them from a college pass out to a competent professional. We provide our employees an opportunity to interact with clients across the globe which helps them understand the business point of view. Our trainings include Foundation training which includes call handling skills, do & don't on call, about the culture of the country we are dialing, accent, pronunciation etc. It also includes role plays, team building exercises. We provide sessions which help our young employees to improve their presentation skills and get rid of stage fear. In addition the employees are trained on the process extensively so as to clearly understand its complete details. Apart from the usual classroom training we also provide Voice file training, refresher training, training on various scenarios to handle customers etc.


We at Infosearch have a friendly working environment and a flat levels of hierarchy. Freedom of expression is what we believe. Our employees are free to voice their opinions, suggestions and problems to the top management which makes our working atmosphere like a closely knit family.


In this competition driven industry a company is by the Quality of employees it possesses. Hence we encourage our employees to work to the best of their capabilities by instilling the positive competitive spirit. Good work is always appreciated through applauds, awards, appreciation, attractive incentives and mostly importantly by a transparent bi appraisal policy so as to give an employee what he deserves.


In a growing organization hard work never goes unnoticed. Work done by Employees is closely monitored and mentored. We follow strict internal promotions thereby enable an employee to grow from an executive level to Managerial cadre.


This is a Club which consists of employees who have completed a minimum of a year with the company. These are meetings held once a month in presence with the top management to discuss various aspects including Company's Growth, Employee Welfare, Recreation Activities. The scope of this club includes all activities that would make the Company a better place to work in.


A Popular saying goes "All work and no play makes jack a dull boy". Hence in addition to excellence in work we provide fun at work activities thereby relieving work stress. Our fun activities include indoor, outdoor games, tours, competitions and cultural events.

Fun Club


Once a year we plan excursion to hill stations, resorts etc. At the excursions we conduct several games, competitions and Cultural activities also.


Our Play area includes games like Carom, Chess, Table tennis and Video games. We are planning to include Pool table, gymnasium etc.


We organize several competitions to enable our employees to exhibit their skill and talents. These include cooking competitions, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, vegetable carving etc.


The game of cricket has a known history spanning from the 16th century to the present day. Cricket is one of the most popular sports among young men today. Hence we organize cricket matches for our employees. Our team also take part in Cricket competitions with employees from other Corporates.


Wednesday the mid week day is a perfect balance between Fun and work at Infosearch. Our employees are engaged in various activities like dumb charades, quiz, Fun Cricket, Blind fold etc. The activities are for few hours in the day and they vary from week to week depending on the interests of the employees.These activities serve a good stress buster thereby enabling more productivity without stress.


Get together happen to celebrate success achieved by the Company and to reward the employees and their contribution towards the same.


In addition to games and competition we have team outing to watch popular movies thereby giving our employees an opportunity to enjoy with their colleagues.


We have celebration for all Indian festivals within the Company premises. The first Celebration for the year begins with Pongal, followed by Onam.Celebration for this includes rangoli made up of flower and dressing in ethnic wear. This is followed by Diwali the season of lights and dazzles. The last festival of the year is Christmas with the sparkling Christmas tree, the cute Santa Claus and the Chris mom Chris child games.


This is a practice that happens periodically.Sometimes its purpose is just relaxation to a daily routine. While in some cases it's a gesture of appreciation for the work done by the team members.


We organize various health check up camps at our premises which include eye care, dental check up etc.
"Work with fun & frolic is the motto of Infosearch".
In case you find this interesting walk in to meet us and be a part of our growing family.
Since we amidst our expansion plans we have several openings with different shifts. Bring in your friends as well to have a great experience working with your good friends and collegues!!!

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