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Employee Speaks

Working in Infosearch has been quite an enriching experience which gave me happiness and success. Since the day one I knew that i was at the right place.Management and Collegues here are very supportive. Infosearch believes in "Team Working and sharing of responsibilities". With my experience here i have improved on my communication and management skills. I would like to acknowledge every opportunity and all the support that i received from the organisation which inspired me to discover myself and reach what i am today

Arvind S
Infosearch as a company has been an amazing experience and I see it as one of the best places to learn for a fresher. The friendly, open atmosphere along with the fun activities during the work hours also provides motivation to come to office everyday. What I appreciate the most is that if I ever face a problem, I know I can approach my seniors without hesitation and look forward to well-guided assistance from them.

Steffy Vanessa Doss
I'm Kaja Moidheen and my experience in Infosearch is the best in my career and that's why i'm here for the second time. Yes i was working here in 2012 and I had to leave the job since, my family relocated. when I came back to chennai my only preference is to join back in Infosearch again and its only because of the great experience I had before. I would like to thank the Management for taking me back as a part of Infosearch and giving me such an unforgettable experience.

Kajamoideen A
Having joined in Infosearch in 2014, it has been 2 wonderful years now. Infosearch is a platform which helps in developing professional skills and Knowledge. Employee ideas and hard work are valued here. The work atmosphere here is very friendly and stress free. The Senior Management is approachable whenever required. Employees working here can expect and experience a successful career growth.

Syed Javid
Hi to people who joined recently and to those who are yet to join us. I work from May 2012. Initially I found my process tough and very challenging, but later it became interesting and started loving the challenge. One important thing that keeps me motivated to go on is the process I work in. Thanks for the support and encouragement from my management and my seniors. I got the top performer award in the year 2014 and hopeful of getting one more this year.

Ajay B
I am proud to be a part of Infosearch family for about 5 years. This five years journey in Infosearch has been exciting with Opportunities, Challenges, Learnings and Achievements. Our good job and performance on the floor never goes unnoticed and unappreciated. This supercharges us to perform all the time. There was always so much to learn from the roles that were assigned to me and the people I worked with. I'm honored to have the opportunity to work here and to share my knowledge in this kind of business.

Ramesh Kumar P
Its more than 6 years that i am associated with Infosearch Bpo.The work atmosphere here allows us to pursue our aspirations, passions and helps to shape our career path. Growth at Infosearch is constructively driven by employee performance, not just by the tenure with the company

Manikandan E
It's been 8 years that I have been working in Infosearch and it has proved to be a good experience for me. I have been able to develop myself both personally and professionally. Infosearch is a nice place to work with colleagues and supervisors always ready to provide their support. Infosearch is an organization that teaches you to think positive! Tell yourself that you can change and you can do the things you desire! I just want to say that I am proud to be a part of Infosearch.

Arun S
I joined Infosearch BPO in 2011 as Level 1 Associate and today I am working as a Senior Executive. Even after 3 years I still feel like a drop in the ocean with so much more to discover and explore within Infosearch. I have always been given opportunities and challenges to prove myself and achieve greater heights.
I have been exposed to all dimensions a career could span.
Diversity at Infosearch ensures that you never get stuck to a monotonous role.

Way to go...
Experience with Infosearch has been great and welcoming.
Commitment and Hardwork is valued here.
If at all there is anything inseparable from a sales process its the pressure and targets.. but here at Infosearch targets are set but are attainable with ease and literally no pressure.
Employee satisfaction is valued by the management.

In short a friendly work environment, transparent and open door policy is adhered by higher management, supportive senior staff and encouraging managers and team leaders, everything we can ask for in a organization desirable to work .

Mayoori Vigeayan
Entertainment to the fullest, playing cricket together both on-field and off-field. INFOSEARCH has a fantasy league of their own and the winners and runners are rewarded with big bucks. Wednesday is the day to be in INFOSEARCH just because of the FUN ACTIVITY where all the employees are involved to have a great fun. I would say INFOSEARCH is the place to work with no stress.

I started working in the BPO service industry in 2008 after spending several months with the domestic sector. I joined INFOSEARCH in 2009 because of their reputation and have remained with the company ever since. Because of the fast changing nature of the industry and the speed at which the company has grown, the opportunities available to me since joining INFOSEARCH have been plentiful. I enjoy the people-focused nature of INFOSEARCH which has continued to remain strong throughout the company's growth and development. There is a real focus on teamwork.

When I started with INFOSEARCH over 5 years ago I never imagined I would be in the position that I am in today. Been in almost all the processes of the company, It has been an exciting and inspiring journey for me so far and one that I very much hope to continue. I have recently taken on a new role to grow and improve quality. My task is exciting because in the context of our main process, the quality department had been really good in comparison to other centers across the world. With INFOSEARCH, commitment for further development comes along with new opportunities for growth. I look forward to the challenge ahead.


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