Geospatial Annotation For Machine Learning

Contour Annotation, Aerial View & Drone Imagery Annotation Services
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Geospatial, Contour & Drone Imagery Annotation

The data acquired by Satellite, GIS, GPS, Drone etc. are annotated to create geographic models. The process involves annotating roads, water bodies, forests, agricultural land, deserts etc. as part of machine learning exercise. Some of our clients use geospatial data to annotate ship building yard, harbor, Solar panels etc.

We provide Bounding Box and Semantic Segmentation services to this industry. We use bounding boxes for buildings, automobiles, parking lots etc. and semantic segmentation for land covers, water bodies, agricultural areas.

Our geospatial annotation services enhance the status of data visualization by using map imagery. Annotations are included in the map to assist firms in obtaining extensive aids and increased scalability. Using remote sensing technologies, our team constructs geographic models. Our team uses remote sensing technologies to create geographic models. Drone imagery, satellite imaging, and aerial imagery are examples of data that may be collected and used to train computer vision models using machine learning technology.

Drone-imagery and aerial view annotations, semantic segmentation, and bounding box annotations all require geospatial annotation services. We are a leading provider of comprehensive data annotation services that enhance the performance of your converting algorithms.

Contour Annotation

Contour Annotation

Drone Imagery Annotation

Drone Imagery Annotation

Geospatial Annotation

Geospatial Annotation

Geospatial Annotation For AI & Machine Learning

Geospatial data incorporates a major piece of existing data that is extremely important for business decision-making and planning. For some specific business fields, such as agriculture and emergency management, it is absolutely important. However, using geospatial data directly would be complicated and time-consuming. We give extra files stored with such new information for you to analyse the data that are obtained from geospatial annotation services.

Data is collected from a variety of sources, including location GPS, sensors, satellite imagery, mobile devices, and social media using our Geospatial annotation service. Cartograms, maps, statistics, and graphs that show drifts and historical evolutions are good candidates for such visualisations. It's one of the best tools for making predictions. As the data may be applied to literally anything on the planet, we can say the geospatial annotation is extremely adaptable.

Outsource Geospatial Annotation Services to Infosearch

Our annotation services are used to determine user-generated information such as comments, remarks, and results, as well as other information gathered from the real world. Through accurate data collection and annotation, we provide exclusive geospatial annotation services that are precisely modelled, secured, and visualised. As most of the existing annotation models do not fully align with geographical contexts and hence fail to reveal the needed spatial links associated with annotations, our annotation specialists help you in customizing the model to your requirement.

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