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Geospatial, Contour & Drone Imagery Annotation

The data acquired by Satellite, GIS, GPS, Drone etc. are annotated to create geographic models. The process involves annotating roads, water bodies, forests, agricultural land, deserts etc. as part of machine learning exercise. Some of our clients use geospatial data to annotate ship building yard, harbor, Solar panels etc.

We provide Bounding Box and Semantic Segmentation services to this industry. We use bounding boxes for buildings, automobiles, parking lots etc. and semantic segmentation for land covers, water bodies, agricultural areas.

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Contour Annotation

Contour Annotation

Drone Imagery

Drone Imagery Annotation

Geospatial Annotation

Geospatial Annotation

Drone imagery, Contour & Geospatial Annotation At Infosearch

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