Data Training For Autonomous Vehicle, 2D, 3D LiDar, 3D Point Cloud Annotation

Autonomous Vehicle Annotation, 3D LiDar & 3D Point Cloud Annotations

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Training Data for Autonomous Driving

The autonomous vehicle industry demands high level of annotation services. The road scenes need to be annotated object wise. We provide 2D, 3D Lidar, Poly line, Cuboids, segmentation, 3D point cloud annotation to Autonomous vehicle industry. We help our clients to prepare training data for their driver less vehicle projects. It includes identifying objects in a road scene, traffic lights, road signs, Pedestrians crossings etc.

Bounding Box Annotation
3D Lidar

The annotation requires high level of quality, consistency and precision. We follow two levels of Quality audits before handing over the output to our clients. We work with multiple clients with varied requirements. Our team is capable of adopting to the changes as per the clients’ needs. We help our AV clients by providing trained and validated data through our annotation services.

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3D pointcloud
Bounding Box Annotation

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