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Autonomous Vehicle Annotation

The autonomous vehicle industry demands high level of annotation services. The road scenes need to be annotated object wise. We provide 2D, 3D Lidar, Poly line, Cuboids, segmentation, 3D point cloud annotation to Autonomous vehicle industry. We help our clients to prepare training data for their driver less vehicle projects. It includes identifying objects in a road scene, traffic lights, road signs, pedestrians crossings etc.

Training Data for Autonomous Vehicle Annotation

Training Data for
Autonomous Vehicle

Traffic Lights Detection And Recognition

Traffic Lights Detection
And Recognition

AI Annotation for Autonomous Vehicles

AI Annotation for
Autonomous Vehicles

The annotation requires high level of quality, consistency and precision. We follow two levels of Quality audits before handing over the output to our clients. We work with multiple clients with varied requirements. Our team is capable of adopting to the changes as per the clients’ needs. We help our AV clients by providing trained and validated data through our annotation services.

Our annotation services are very efficient and geared for all five levels of autonomous vehicle annotation, starting with driver assistance and ending with nearly complete annotation. Infosearch has well-adapted the shift from level 2 to level 3 annotation in order to give the finest services to our clients. Our exceptional services easily meet the client’s highest technological requirements.

Autonomous Vehicle And Data Annotation:

With the advancements in the automotive industry, the desire for developing fully autonomous vehicles has increased. That’s why precise and efficient data annotation has become a critical requirement. Machine learning models' sensory functioning to understand the objects around them necessitates extensive pre-training. This training is carried out using a variety of diverse data sets gathered from various sources.

All of this data needs to be annotated correctly for machine learning models. All of these functions, from facial recognition to motion sensing, necessitate high-quality data with efficient annotation to ensure that your device operates to its full potential and delivers high-quality results. Annotating data is a difficult task that requires extreme accuracy and a strong sense of affinity. In autonomous vehicle annotation, accuracy is critical. Otherwise, the operation of self-driving vehicles is severely hampered. With Autonomous Vehicle annotation, you can recognize the images; detect the movements, sensory techniques and position for the next step.

Outsource Autonomous Annotation To Infosearch

Infosearch provides well-structured and highly efficient data annotation services to help machine learning models produce precise outputs. Our data annotators are highly skilled and experienced individuals (in-house employees) that work diligently to interpret your data. Infosearch is known for providing commendable training data sets that are quite accurate. Our opulent data sets are acknowledged for producing the greatest possible machine learning results in the development of autonomous vehicles. With a wonderful vision of technological advancement, we are trying to create futuristic data annotation services for our clients.

Autonomous Vehicle Annotation For Machine Learning


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