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Underwriting Support Services

Infosearch BPO is a provider of outstanding underwriting support services to any Global Businesses. Outsource your underwriting services to us, we provide customized underwriting services with experienced underwriters.

Underwriting is an important service in Insurance companies. Every insurance company has to maintain an underwriting department with well trained staff to manage the underwriting services. It involves understanding the customer's expectation with respect to Insurance, checking the credibility of the customer through various mediums, Cross verifying various documents including bank statements.

The underwriter should be able to distinguish different scenarios before taking a decision to cover the customer under insurance. It involves handling direct customers, brokers and affiliates. The job needs to be performed meticulously by checking required documents, search information through internet and reference checks.

We have been trained by industry experts to perform these tasks. If you are looking to outsource your underwriting services, contact us right away.

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