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Underwriting Support Services

Infosearch BPO is a provider of outstanding underwriting support services to Global businesses. We offer our services to start ups, SMEs and large corporations.

underwriting support services

Underwriting is an important service in any financial institution to evaluate the financial risk for a person or a company or entity before funding them with loans or insuring them. The underwriter has to scrutinise the financial documents of the party carefully and decide about funding, fixing repayment tenure, amount to fund, request for guarantee etc.

Every financial institutions has to maintain an underwriting department with trained staff to manage the underwriting services. The process involves understanding the customers’ expectation with respect to their insurance or financial need, checking the credibility of the customer, cross verifying various documents like bank statements, tax documents, assets and liabilities check etc.

The underwriter should be able to distinguish different scenarios before taking a decision to cover the customer under insurance. It involves handling direct customers, brokers and affiliates. The job needs to be performed meticulously by checking required documents, search information through internet, reference checks and similar other verification methods.

We have experience in supporting loan underwriting for lenders and support them with underwriting services for mortgages, loan against properties, reverse mortgages, top up loan, improvement loans etc.

We do provide our services to various Insurance clients which includes life insurance, asset insurance, insurance against theft, fire, damages, natural calamities etc. We have also worked with one client on Securities Underwriting. The client deals with Personal loan, Car Loan and consumer durable loan.

Underwriting is generally a time consuming process. We at Infosearch have derived best practices to speed up the process. We provide complete process support for underwriting including co-ordination with customers, bankers and other allied agencies.

Infosearch’s staff are trained by industry experts to perform these tasks efficiently. Underwriting is a crucial business function to assess the customers’ ability to repay to reduce financial risk to the organisation. We strike the right balance of customer satisfaction and reducing risk factor to the organisation.

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