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GoodFirms recognized Infosearch BPO as one of the top BPO company in India

Infosearch BPO Services Thrives by Offering Services with Professionalism and Quality Services: GoodFirms

Infosearch BPO is one of the top-notch, rapidly growing, and award-winning Business Process Outsourcing Companies with the ability to cater to diverse verticals with intelligent business operations. The company specializes in Annotation, BPO, Data Management, and Call Centre services outsourcing company in Chennai, India.


Overview of the Company

Incepted in 2005 and headquartered in Chennai, Infosearch BPO Services provides remote/offshore BPO outsourcing services & back office support services to Global clients. With an experience of more than 15 years as a Call Centre & BPO Company, Infosearch is still notable as a BPO services provider, including various BPO Services to Global Businesses.

The company offers unmatched services to its clients with professionalism and quality services. The company executes every Business process, customized to clients' requirements, using their 400+ in-house employees who are professionally trained and exclusive members.

Infosearch BPO is an Outsourcing Company and a Business service provider to more than 25 different business industries across the World. The company provides 15 different types of data annotation and image annotation services to many businesses, including Retail, Autonomous vehicles, AI, Robotics, Image Recognition, Health Care, Agrotech and many more.

The company has tremendous experience working with Insurance, Financial Institutions, Health Care, and Analytics companies for data services. With a specialized IT development & support team, the company provides CRM Development, Portals, Website design & development to clients as professional services.

The highlights of the company
  • Highly committed workforce
  • Value for Money
  • Prolonged standing and repeat clientele
  • Optimizing technology for higher productivity
  • Quality consciousness
  • Flexibility and Value additions
GoodFirms Research Process

GoodFirms is known for its core B2B research and reviews that help clients find an appropriate company that offers the best web and software development services. There are numerous categories in which companies are ranked on the website, and the businesses need to enlist at GoodFirms.

GoodFirms evaluates each enrolled business on three principles –
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Ability

The Goodfirms team's approach is driven by innovations that boost businesses and maximize their R.O.I. Likewise; Goodfirm analyzed Infosearch BPO and found the company excelled in all of its services based on these metrics. The teams' determination to deliver and stay linked with the customers to achieve their goals has made GoodFirms’ researchers rank Infosearch BPO as a preferred choice for customers in Chennai.

Annotation Services

Infosearch BPO offers Text, image, video and audio annotation to Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision; Machine learning, Image recognition, Retail analytics, Autonomous Vehicle, Agrotech and various other industries.

Infosearch BPO has over 400 in-house employees who are trained in 15+ annotation types. All projects are executed using an in-house team to ensure high quality and data Security. There is a well laid production and QC process to deliver high quality results. The company has skills on bounding box, polygon, semantic segmentation, Cuboid, point cloud, polyline, landmark, video, audio and text annotations.

BPO Services

Infosearch BPO gives full technical assistance, high-quality calls, and 24*7 service, whether you're a small, medium-sized, or large company.

The cutting-edge infrastructure, qualified BPO workers, and cutting-edge software technologies enable the company to provide high-quality services to satisfy the customers' needs. The company sets its standard by ensuring that its back-office services are error-free and done on time with professionalism.

Being excellent with the BPO services, the company has efficiently designed BPO process outsourcing services that remove all the barriers related to language, culture, and time zones to drive cost savings, create value, and enable Innovation for its clients.

Infosearch BPO is poised to become one of the most trusted BPO services providers, building a reputation by helping global clients achieve their business goals and providing award-winning customer service to their consumers. Thus, providing consumer-oriented BPO services, the company leads amongst the top BPO companies in India at Good Firms.

Business Services

Anticipation, speed, agility, and efficiency are the critical factors for a successful business. But tech-enablement is a vital springboard for more enormous transformations by going further and deploying the best automation, digitalization, and artificial intelligence solutions.

The business services team of Infosearch BPO offers the multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience to support clients and customers in all aspects of their strategic and operational challenges.

The company draws on a vast pool of cross-sector and international talent, i.e., from understanding end-market requirements, planning, and rolling out technology solutions to helping clients diversify into new markets. They are on hand to provide the insight and services you need.

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