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Data Cleansing Services

Data is the new oil. Whoever holds managed data has better edge over others. It is important to manage the data in a systematic manner. One of the key component in data management is data cleansing.

We at Infosearch provide data cleansing for various reasons for our clients. Some of the requirements are duplicate removal, updated data, incomplete data, wrong data etc. We understand the specific requirement of the client and plan our actions to provide data cleansing.

One of the key components in data management is data cleansing services. Data cleansing process can be done through calling, online search, emails etc.

Data Cleansing Outsourcing Services

Our Data Cleansing Outsourcing services offer:

  • Enriching the available data with product attributes, images, and manufacturer specifications etc.
  • Eliminating duplicate records which might be similar looking records
  • Identifying any missing or incomplete data
  • Identifying and removing duplicated records, if any
  • Identifying and tagging of similar records for subsequent review
  • Removing Invalid records
  • Carrying out Data validation in case when required. For example using a post code checker to identify that addresses are correct
  • Removing any obsolete data
  • The comparison of records matching third party

Data Cleansing through calling is a specific task to update the data. We will get to speak to the concerned person to validate the data we have and get updated data. This activity requires skillful resources who can speak and gather data. Infosearch has done many projects using calling activity. One of a leading Anti-virus company approached us to cleanse their data. They have accumulated data for over fifteen years. We accomplished the task through email, SMS and calling activity. The client has an updated customer data now.

Data Cleansing using algorithms and excel macros. This is a most common method to remove duplicates, create normalized data and correct errors. This would require software skills and database management skills.

Internet search is widely accepted model to improve the data quality. The data is completely vetted using internet sources, updated with latest information and enhanced with more data points. It will be more of a manual task by researching internet to cleanse it.

There are some other methods like updating data through emails, fax and mail communications. The results will not be that great to explore this model fully. This method can be tried as a first step in the cleansing process and then strategize further cleansing through other methods discussed above.

Infosearch has rich experience in executing all types of data cleansing. We have been providing data cleansing to various industries and helped some of our customers in cleansing confidential data.

Contact us right away, if you are looking for a data services company to outsource data cleansing services.


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