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8. Customer Service Through Call Centre Services

How outsourcing to a BPO company can help to enhance your customer service?

Outsource all your customer services to Infosearch 's call centre.

How to contact Infosearch?
Email: enquiries(@)infosearchbpo(.)com

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Call centre services

7. 5 Key Features to Look for in Keypoint Annotation Services

Keypoint annotations, such as gesture, landmark, and object keypoints, are provided by Infosearch.

Contact Infosearch for your annotation services.

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Keypoint Annotation Services

6. Call Centre Services

Infosearch offers Call Centre Support services to Global businesses. Outsource your customer support to us and we will work on your behalf with our #Inbound and #Outbound call centre.
Read more: Call centre services

Call centre services

5. Polygon Annotations for Player Tracking

Infosearch offers Polygon Annotation Services for AI and ML.

Polygon annotation makes it simpler to recognise images, lines, and angles that are irregular. Additionally, it enables us to map and name any things that stand out in a picture or are otherwise taking up space in virtual reality. Sports analytics, autonomous vehicles, drones, satellites, picture masking, and image tagging are just a few fields that use polygonal annotation.

Polygon Annotations

4. UK's Data Magazine includes an article about Infosearch.

The UK's Data Magazine has featured us as one of Tamil Nadu's best big data companies.

One of the top companies in India offering annotation services for Big Data Analytics, Retail Intelligence, Image Recognition, Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Learning, and other applications is Infosearch. We are honoured to be recognised by the esteemed "Data Magazine" in the UK.
Check the link - 27 Best Big Data Startup Companies in Tamil Nadu, India

Thanks Data Magazine.

Data Magazine is a subsidiary of Fupping Ltd, a UK (London) based media company. On a global scale, it supports a wide range of businesses, organisations, and innovations. We would like to express our gratitude to Data Magazine for featuring Infosearch at this time. We are quite happy about it. We also applaud the other businesses that were highlighted with us.

3. Ranked in the 2017 Global Top 100 Outsourcing Blogs

Ranked in the 2017 Global Top 100 Outsourcing Blogs
Infosearch's blog is ranked as one of the "Top 100 Outsourcing Blogs" by FeedSpot on October 30th 2017 -
The following criteria were used to rank us (you can see them in the link above):
  • Google's standing in search results and reputation
  • Influence and appeal on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites
  • Consistency and high quality of posts
  • The editorial staff at Feedspot and outside review
We appreciate the efforts of the panellists and Mr. Anuj Agarwal, the creator of FeedSpot.

2. Data Annotation to Sports Analytics Industry:

Infosearch provides data annotation services for sports analytics and gaming industry.
  • Player tracking using bounding boxes
  • Poses and action identification using keypoint annotation
  • Player segmentation using semantic segmentation
  • Ball tracking from images & videos and more.
For more information, check this page:

1. Object Detection

Infosearch provides highly accurate polygon annotations and training data sets that are widely used. It is used in various industries like agriculture, autonomous vehicles, drones, satellites and more for object detection.

For more information, check this page:
Object Detection

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