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Invoice Factoring Support

The Invoice factoring industry has evolved fully to cater to businesses of all sizes. There are industry specific factoring companies who understands the nuances of the business to deliver the right solution to their customers. Customers approach factoring companies to get quick funds. Speedy service is the game changer for adding and retaining customers.

invoice factoring back office support

The invoice factoring industry needs to be fast in funds disbursement and at the same time ensure the required documentation are in place before disbursing the funds. It is important that the team works on funds approval should be competent enough to accomplish the task. They will have to check the invoices, supporting documents and check with debtors whenever required as part of the process.

It is very rare to service just one or two invoices from customers. Customers bring in high volume of invoices to get funds. The process executive will have to check all the documents carefully before approving it. The automation of whole process is required for accuracy hence training process executives on software and the process is necessary.

We at Infosearch provide back office support to invoice factoring industry. We deploy trained executives to handle the business operations. We adopt client’s business practices and deploy exclusive team members for the operation. The team will be working along with client’s team on a regular basis to provide real time support services.

Co-ordination with customers, Lender, debtor, creditor etc. are crucial for faster delivery of funds. The outsourcing company should possess necessary technologies to reach out to required parties to co-ordinate efforts and to sort out issues instantly. The most common mode of communication will be telephone. However, there are other mode of communications like Email, fax, text message etc. are also in use depending on the urgency.

The usage of industry specific software is crucial to deliver the required results. The training on industry specific software applications for invoice factoring and popular CRMs helps our team to deliver faster.

Why to outsource invoice factoring support to us?

Infosearch follows unique methodology, which is a combination of client’s existing practices and improvised practices by our team. We will be continuously developing on the methodologies to improve productivity. Data Protection is crucial in outsourcing. Invoice factoring companies prefer to outsource back office to other geographical locations like India for cost and efficiency. The BPO companies should possess best of the data protection procedures to safeguard client’s valuable data.

Data should be stored safely in servers with encryptions and in a firewall enabled LAN network. Infosearch being an ISO 27001 certified company has strict policies on data access, storage and disbursement. We have taken adequate measures to protect data leakage and misuse of data.

Infosearch has experience in handling operation support, invoice validation, scrutinizing of documents, verification, disbursement, financial analysis, collections, IT support, client co-ordination etc. We will deploy executives with required skills for specific support activity. Imagine a situation where the business functions are accomplished with high quality, productivity and speed at a very low cost. The situation is possible when you outsource the work to a BPO company like us.


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