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Data Verification and Extraction Services

The data verification service is a process in which the gathered data is verified for authenticity and quality check. We can adapt to any quality check parameters like 100% quality checks or Random sampling or periodic QA audits. During the process of data verification, data extraction can also be performed. The additional information gathered during data verification process can be used as extracted data. We can perform data extraction service as a separate activity. Being a data services outsourcing company, Infosearch offers professional data verification & extraction services to any Global business.

Our Data Verification and Extraction Services Offers:

  • Research on New markets and growth opportunities available.
  • Research on Market trends
  • Innovation made on basis on the researched information.
  • Research regarding the Top competitors, Majority Players, Brands available in market
  • Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis etc.
  • Research on the Product specifications, development and promotion strategies which would help to increase revenue.
  • Research on the new products, pricing, etc
  • Key people
  • Key competencies
  • Strength, weaknesses & best practices
  • Research report writing

Data Verification Services to Retail Intelligence industry

Retail intelligence reports are becoming an inevitable part with CPG, FMCG, CD, clothing industries. Every manufacturer has to ensure that their products are showcased to their customer in a retail outlet to facilitate the purchase. They spend huge money in merchandising their products and it’s important that it’s merchandised as per their expectation and providing required results.

Data Verification & Extraction

Retail intelligence companies gather huge pool of data and images by visiting stores. The data are collected on various parameters like stock availability, POS presence, special displays, promotions etc. The collected data needs to be verified and required data is extracted. The extracted data is then analyzed and the reports are shared with the clients to take appropriate marketing steps.

We have been providing outsourcing Data verification services to retail intelligence companies in North America and Europe. Our team has acquired knowledge on outsource data verifications and delivering the required results. We do provide data analysis services clubbed with verification.

Contact us of you are looking for data services company to outsource your data verification or extraction services.


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