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Human Resource Outsourcing Services

Human Resource services such as payroll administration, training and development, record keeping, performance appraisal records, HR policy clarification etc are all people intensive activities which involve a lot of time and energy. Such activities are repetitive and routine in nature. Therefore, the companies with intent to concentrate on their core activities outsource these HR activities.

The various HR Outsourcing Services that we offer:

  • Payroll Administration including handling taxes issues, leave with wages, sick leave etc
  • Employee Benefits: Health, Medical, Group Medical, Life, 401(k) plans etc.
  • HR Management includes recruitment, induction, PMS, training & development, exit interviews, resignation and relieving procedures, employee travel plans etc.
  • Employees' Background Verification
  • Employees' Grievance Handling & Welfare Activities

We have a handful of experience in HR Services and you stay focused on your business by outsourcing your Human Resource Management to us.

HR Outsourcing Services

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