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Annotation Tool

Do you want to model and train your data for machine learning but do not possess annotation tool and man power to execute? We provide a comprehensive solution for your need. We use different tools depending on the client’s requirement. We have tools for Bounding Box annotation, Polygon annotation, Semantic Segmentation, Cuboid, Polyline, Landmark annotation, Masking, Text annotation etc. We do have tools to execute image, video, text, audio annotations, labelling and tagging services. We have capabilities to deliver output in JSON, XML, TXT, COCO, YOLO, Pascal VOC etc.

We use on premise tools (offline tools) for added data protection and security of our client’s data. Our in house team have been trained to work on different tools which gives us advantage to deliver projects faster. We customize our tool matching client’s requirement and we do not charge extra for tool access and customization. Our tool has capability to run QC checks, semi-automated annotation and deliver output in various formats.

We are flexible to accommodate client’s requests and we are open to use client’s annotation tool if needed. We have been working with autonomous vehicle, healthcare, Agrotech clients who wants us to use their tool because of the complexity of the project. We do provide annotation services using client’s services. In both the cases, clients are the owners for both raw and annotation data. We do not reuse or use data for any other purposes other than client’s specific purpose.

Bounding Box Annotation for Agrotech

Bounding Box Tool
for Agrotech

Polygonal Annotation For Car Parts

Polygon Annotation Tool
Car Parts

Cuboidal Annotation Tool For Vehicles
Cuboid Annotation Tool
for Vehicles
3D Point Cloud Annotation

3D Point Cloud

Hand Gesture Landmark Annotation

Hand Gesture
Landmark Annotation

semantic segmentation Annotation

Semantic Segmentation

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