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Text Annotation

Text Annotation for Machine Learning

Text Annotation for Machine Learning

It involves highlighting key words in a document to classify them as per the requirement. Financial Analytics, Insurance, Health care industries require text annotation service as part of their AI programs.

Our solutions helps Analytics companies, research students, publications and Media industries to plan their AI strategies and algorithms. We do provide specialized annotation services to insurance companies on annotating medical records which are processed for claims.

The technique of highlighting text data with tags to markup different criteria such as keywords, phrases, sentences etc is known as text annotation services. Through a process known as Natural Language Acquisition, the annotated data is subsequently utilised to train AI or machine learning (NLP). As the text is the most popular form of media, the annotation process must maintain a high level of accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Types of Text Annotation Services For Machine Learning

Text Classification

It is a classification of text into categories. Example, product categorization and document classification.

Entity Annotation and Linking

It is the process of tagging (labeling entities like name, keywords etc) and linking tagged entities (to a url so that we can have more information about a particule entity ) in text.

Linguistic Annotation

The technique of tagging language information in text is known as limguistoc annotation service. The goal is to recognise and mark grammatical, semantic, and phonetic components in a text.

Sentiment Annotation

It is the process of recognizing attitudes and emotions in a text. Example, identifying humour, sarcasm, greeting, positivity, negativity etc in sentence.

Why Infosearch For Text Annotation Outsourcing?

Infosearch is one of the best text annotation providers. Infosearch has huge expertise over annotation service that we offer to Global Businesses. We have in-house expert annotators who work on your projects. We follow GDPR and HIPAA compliance, so you can expect the best quality of work. Contact us right away for your text annotation requirements.

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