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Image Annotation, Tagging & Labeling

Image annotation, tagging & labeling refers to tagging of objects in an image for machine learning purpose. The labeling of each object in an image is tagged with object class or name. This is widely used in retail intelligence companies and image recognition companies. The availability of products in retail shelf is an important element in product sales. The shelf needs to be monitored and ensure adequate stocks are available in shelf for customers.

For a long time, this process is done manually but now with the use of Image recognition technique this process is done with ease and at scale. We are performing millions of tasks for data labeling every month to various industries.

It's important to monitor on OOS (Out of Stock) and OSA (On Shelf Availability) in retail industry. It will be a lost opportunity or sale if the product is Out of stock when the customer wants to buys it. Similarly the position of the product, POS material, displays are also important factors for any consumer goods. It’s impossible to monitor by the retail workers all the time but made possible through image recognition techniques.

We have been providing annotation, tagging, recognition, classifiation & labeling of huge volume of SKUs for our clients from North America, Europe and Asia. We have acquired a fair knowledge on the industry and country wise SKUs.

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