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Semantic Segmentation Annotation

Semantic segmentation Annotation is a pixel level annotation task. The objects are segmented individually and classified as per the class labels. Since it’s done at the pixel level the time consumption is more but at the same time it gives deep predictions. The deep learning model is widely used for autonomous vehicle, object classification etc.

Some of the examples of segmentation are cars, traffic lights, road signs, pedestrians, objects in a house, factory etc.

semantic segmentation for Computer Vision
Semantic Segmentation for Computer Vision
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Landmark Annotation

Landmark annotation is annotating key points on an object, face or locations. It’s widely used for face recognition and gesture controls. By drawing sequence of points we can determine the shape, size etc.

Landmark Point Face Annotation
Landmark Point
Facial Annotation
Hand Gesture Keypoint Annotation
Hand Gesture
Keypoint Annotation
Point Annotation for AI
Point Annotation
for AI

Image Masking Annotation

As the name implies Image Masking Annotation is shading some portion of the object of the image to classify. This can be done using layer masking technique also. By using Opacity we can make changes in the layers of the images. This technique can be used to simply hide unwanted content in an image, highlight the key points and enhance the image quality.

Image Masking
Image Masking
Background Removal
Background Removal
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