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Data Extraction & Data Processing - USA

"A Debt Collection Company in USA Outsourced Data Extraction and Data Processing Services and achieved great success with tremendous identification of the prospect customers."

The client

The client is a debt collection company based at USA. They audit government agencies across the country to identify money owed to companies and individuals.

The Challenge

The client wants to extract data from various websites and agencies to identify their prospective customers for offering their services. The real challenge is to collate data from various sources at a shorter period of time. The task cannot be accomplished through manual work as it will consume lot of time and money.

Data Processing USA

The Solution

We proposed an automated solution of web scrapping for data extraction from various sources. The process is collecting data in an automated way by crawling websites, directories and agency lists. The process is the fastest solution with high accuracy.

The collated data needs to be analysed on various parameters hence we proposed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) process which needs to be used to pull out various reports and analytics.

The Success

The project was a great success and the client is happy with the results. The overall process life cycle is reduced to a larger extend and accuracy levels are very high compared to manual work.

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