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Video Annotation

Video Annotation for AI in Sports
Video Annotation for AI in Sports

In simple terms annotating the content of the video refers video annotation. It doesn"t mean transcribing the video content but to annotate required parameters in a video. For example in a foot ball game we may want to know the time of ball possession by host and opponent team, passes, losses etc. We can also track specific player by drawing bounding box for analysis purpose.

The annotation tool allows us to annotate required classes as we watch the video. The tool will have the option of pause, rewind, forward, slow motion etc. for better annotation results.

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Voice Annotation

The process of voice annotation is listening to millions of voice clips of different languages, dialects and slangs to transcribe them word by word. It’s part of the machine learning or NLP process. The annotators are required to listen to audio clips very carefully and transcribe them in respective languages. It needs meticulous efforts to accomplish the task.

We have experience in annotating audios identified through ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition). Our language capabilities are English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bengali.

Voice / Audio Annotation & Labeling
Voice / Audio Annotation & Labeling

Text Annotation

Text Annotation for Machine Learning
Text Annotation for Machine Learning

It involves highlighting key words in a document to classify them as per the requirement. Financial Analytics, Insurance, Health care industries require text annotation as part of their AI programs.

Our solutions helps Analytics companies, research students, publications and Media industries to plan their AI strategies and algorithms. We do provide specialized annotation services to insurance companies on annotating medical records which are processed for claims.

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