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Invoice Factoring - USA & Canada

"Capital Services Company Servicing USA & Canada, Reduces Overhead Costs By Outsourcing Invoice Factoring Services"

The Client

Our client is a capital services company offering their services in USA and Canada markets.

The Challenge

The client outsourced back office processing of batch process for invoice factoring industry. The job requires high precision, attention to details and quick turnaround time.

The work needs to be completed in two schedules. The scope of work includes checking the invoice details, supporting documents and proofs. The batch then requires verification process either by email or phone call and processed for payments.

The operation needs to be performed in offshore model and ensuring secured data traffic was the key.

Back Office USA

The Solution

We have proposed our Back office processing model. The client supported well in the transition process by offering training, floor support and verification. The team has quickly adopted to client's requirements and started delivering high quality services.

The team works very closely with the client's office in Canada on a daily basis for a smooth operation. Each one in the team has been given specific assignments and allocated to specific Account managers. The offshore team has become a part of the client's employees.

The operation is monitored and supervised by a Manager who will constantly check the activities, co-ordinating with the client, appraising operations through reports etc.

We constantly analyze the ways to improve the Outsourcing operation using Kaizen techniques, learning organization methods etc.

The Success

The transition was smooth and the operation is well stabilised with good results.

  • Successful BPO (Back office) operation.
  • Huge cost saving on over heads by the client
  • The client can now focus on increasing more customers.

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