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Outbound Customer Support - USA

"A Fortune 500 and NASDAQ Listed Company in USA awarded us as “The best Quality Call Centre” after the successful Outbound Call Centre Services."

The Client

The client is a fortune 500 company and NASDAQ listed company into satellite television service in USA.

The Challenge

We have been deputed by a reseller to sell the brand to USA households through our outbound call centre. The reseller is a new entrant and wants to establish a good name by giving volume of business. We have been approached by the client to help them to achieve their vision.

Outbound Customer Support USA

The Solution:

We have mutually agreed to help the client to achieve their vision by deputing exclusive team for the outbound outsourcing process. We started with 5 agents;we have given ramp up plan to increase more than 50 seats by end of 2nd quarter and were achieved by our successful plan.

It was initially learning the process and understanding the potential. It’s a cost driven and competitive market. It’s a challenge to position the brand with the customers and we have achieved it.

We have been awarded by the client as best Quality Centre. We have set quality process and parameters to deliver quality sales to the clients and thus Quality outbound outsourcing services are provided. The quality team will monitor live calls and listen to all the sale voice files. Even though the quality department is part of the BPO operation, we have given full authority to block the sale if it’s found misleading to the customer.

The Success

  • Awarded by the client as best quality call centre for outbound services.
  • The client has organized for a direct client training on the technology.
  • We are successful in collecting confidential information from the customer when compared with other centre.
  • We have helped team leaders of our call centre on handling objections while collecting confidential information.

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