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Telemarketing & Customer Support - AUS

"A Leading Solar PV installer in Australia increased its customer base tremendously with our Telemarketing & Customer Support Services."

The Client

The client is a leading Solar PV installer in Australia with operations in 5 cities covering 4 States. The client deals with 14 brands of Solar PV and also offers interest free finance to customers.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was to sell a concept like Solar PV to Australian customers over telephone calls. The process needs to explain the people about the product, how it'll benefit them, different type of panels etc. It involves creating interest to customers and qualifying the customer' property for the suitability of the product.

The Solution

Outbound AUS

We did a rigorous training for 2 weeks to the pilot batch explaining about the products, Feed In Tariff, government grants, property qualification criteria and Return on Investment calculation. The team struggled a lot during the initial phase of the project where they couldn't bridge the gap between the product and the customer.

We had to retrain the team focusing on customer queries and collected lot of facts about the product and the government schemes. The team cracked after the retraining and started delivering required results. There were new learning every day and the training department had to search for information and by co-ordinating with the client.

The Success

The project was a great success and the confidence gave us to support the client in all 4 states in 6 months time.

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