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Retail Intelligence using Big Data - USA

"Retail intelligence reports are becoming very important factor in Retail industry. The marketing team is keen to check and understand if their marketing ideas, product display logics and brand positioning are followed by the retailers."

The client

The client is a market leader in retail intelligence and in store audits. The client gathers data through their freelance field team by physically visiting stores across USA. The field team has been provided with a mobile App to gather photos and data. The gathered data is verified, processed and analytical reports are provided to their clients. The client works with all major retail brands in USA and adding more clients on a rapid phase.

The Challenge

The client primarily uses in house and near shore team for data validation processes. The critical element is speed of data validation for quick remedial actions by the client. The data needs to be quality audited for authenticity. The client handles around 4 million data points every day and the team their team couldn't manage high volume and which resulted in quality deviations.

Retail Intelligence Data

The Solution

The client had approached us to overcome the challenges. We have provided a solution with quick TAT and clear cut ramp up plan for the next 6 months. We have added 2 layers of quality audits to ensure the data is verified thoroughly. This helped our client to deliver results with high data accuracy to their clients as expected. We have also provided flexible hours of operation for different projects of the client.

The Success

The project started with just one small assignment and we are now handling 4 difference campaigns of the client.
  • Reduced Less Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • High data accuracy through our QA processes
  • Interestingly the cost is just one fourth (1 / 4) of their previous payouts.

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