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Inbound Technical Support - USA

"A Financial Services Company in USA Outsources the Vital & Complex part of the business and we handled it successfully with our 24x7 Technical Support Service."

The Client

The client is a financial services and Share trading company based at USA. The client has around 45 websites which are business critical and these are used by various businesses, share holders and business associates.

The Challenge

There are around 45 websites hosted by the client for various business activities and these are hosted in 3 different servers. The websites are required to be operational and available for the maximum time and it requires 24x7 monitoring. The real challenge is to monitor all the websites for uptime and monitoring them manually is practically not possible. The other challenge is to contact the respective hosting company to sort out the issue. It’s also required to ensure daily updates on shares are getting uploaded at a stipulated time every day. If not, it should be notified to the concerned person for further action.

The Solution

The solution is to create an automated website monitoring tool and manual intervention to co-ordinate with hosting companies to fix it. We have created a dedicated 24x7 Toll free USA helpline for the client to get in touch with us to co-ordinate operations. The co-ordination needs to be either by phone or email. One of the hosting providers has a ticketing system and we have created procedures to create ticket and follow up until the issue is fixed.

Screen shots of Ticketing System

Inbound Tech Support 1
Inbound Tech Support 2

Inbound Tech Support 3
Inbound Tech Support 4

The Success

The project was a great success and we are able to provide uninterrupted support with minimal downtime. The project gave us confidence and experience to manage bigger projects.

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