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Inbound Technical Support - Australia

"A Software Development Company in Australia Increased 45% Business Growth Immediately After We Started Handling Their Technical Support"

The Client

It's for a software development company based at Sydney, Australia. The client developed a product exclusively for motor garages and workshops. It's a quoting system for garages to make quotes to insurance companies for vehicle repair insurances.

We were assigned to manage the technical support for the client. The customers who use the product will call our technical support lines for assistance and we provide technical solutions.

The Challenge

The whole software was created using VB and SQL back end. We will have to write queries to resolve certain issues. Most of the time customers are not familiar with computers and they prefer us fixing issues through Remote Desktop process.

Back Office

The Solution

We created 2 support layers (2 Tiers) for the process. The first layer will answer to customer queries and try to provide phone support to fix the technical issue. If the problem is not fixable through a phone support then the call will be escalated to the 2nd Layer (Tier-2) who are seated close to the Tier-1 staff.

The escalated calls will be handled through remote access to fix the issue and the team will also be responsible for educating the customers on the solution for repeating of the same issue.

The Success

The client initially had only onsite support which created lot of hardship to the customers. The product was sold across Australia with few support engineers. The customers had to wait even for a week to get onsite support.

The introduction of phone support helped customers to sort out issues very fast which is a major breakthrough in the support function. The remote access option and two layers of support made the support fast and friendly to customers.

The product works on subscription based and the client experienced 45% more renewals on the first month of the telephone support.

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