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Call Tracking And Analytics

Call tracking is a software that helps a call centre manage its inbound calls through tracking inbound calls, recording, call scoring, routing, and generating relevant metrics for analysis. Call tracking and analytics are vital to a call centre because of the wealth of useful, actionable data they provide. It is a multi-faceted software that helps businesses establish an optimized call centre.

Benefits of applying Call Tracking and Analytics

1. Track call metrics to appropriate campaigns
A customer may be inspired to call due to an internet search result, a marketing campaign, a paper or TV advertisement, a mobile search result etc. The reasons could be many but when you have been spending money on several different channels at a time, how do you decide which one is working the best for you? Call tracking can help you do that. It can analyse inbound calls to see which source they originated from based on the number dialled, so that you can compare calls from different sources to see which sources are more profitable and which are not. Investing more in profitable channels can help you reach the bulk of your customers and consequently, yield a higher ROI on your marketing investment. Inbound phone calls convert 10-15 times more than web leads. So analysing inbound calls can multiply revenue manifold.

2. Improved resource management
Call tracking lets you record customer calls from which you can derive valuable feedback and inferences. Analysis of call recordings helps you identify key customer pain areas so that you can address them better. It enables you to allocate agents in areas that see the maximum calls, for improved customer service. Listening to these call recordings will also help you improve training and refine scripted answers to include more information and sound more convincing.

3. Track call lifecycle
With call tracking and analytics, you can not only track where the call originated from, you can track how the call proceeded and its subsequent outcome. Call centres can use this information to determine the efficacy of their marketing messages, score calls, derive valuable customer information, their preferences and expectations and take action to meet them. The call information can also be used to see how efficient customer service agents are in handling calls, assess their expertise in various areas and identify training gaps.

4. Better customer satisfaction
Call tracking helps call centres to efficiently route calls to the right agents. It uses various factors like call source, time, location, intent to customize call handling as per agent capability and customer needs. Routing calls efficiently results in fewer call drops and quick fulfilment of customer requirement. This makes the call handling process efficient and results in a satisfied customer who is likely to continue his or her business with the company.

5. Improve marketing strategies
Call tracking and analytics helps call centres collect necessary information like the origin and purpose of customer call, customer demography, purchasing power, previous interactions and the like. This data can be effectively used to identify customer segments where the brand is most popular and build marketing strategies to target that segment. It helps companies to focus their marketing strategy on channels which the majority of their customers use in order to widen their brand reach.

Call tracking and analytics are highly affordable today with the advancement in technology, making them accessible to big and small call centres alike. Modern call tracking software easily integrate with your CRM so that you can interpret the data generated to bring more value to your customers.

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