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Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing is one of the cost effective types of business outsourcing. When a company of one country provides business solutions or business projects to the company of other country is termed as Offshore Outsourcing. It has become common and frequent in recent days in developing countries like India, China and South Africa due to the financial value of outsourcing.

The company providing business to the corporate in low-cost country may obtain huge benefits such as reduced cost for Outsourcing, to be more business competitive with other countries and to save money which is the vital objective of the business. Eventually, the outsourcing companies will understand the business of the clients and will deliver the services and solutions successfully in terms of quality and a sign of satisfaction.

Offshore Outsourcing includes entire business function such as Production, Finance and Accounting, research and development, medical transcription, customer service and more. There is high percentage of IT and BPO processes which are effectively off shored such as application development, Quality Assurance, Help desk support, Technical support, documentation support, Customer Services, Human Resource outsourcing services, web related services, consulting services, etc.

Every firm focuses on vendor selection in offshore outsourcing to understand the requirements of the clients to provide the best and low cost services in competitive market. The approach of Offshore Outsourcing can make the BPO and other outsourcing companies to implement offshore strategies against the competitive organizations and also to be more focused with the exact tools to enhance or improve customer service, low costs and create sustainable growth.

Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing :

Cost Effectiveness : Substantial savings in staffing overhead can be achieved by outsourcing to offshore countries. Competitors outsourcing operations offshore have the cost advantage over the market and free up management resources.

Focal Point: Once a process or project is successfully outsourced, the management gets more and effective control over time to explore new revenue streams, to speed up other projects, and time to focus on their customers.

Business Development : The business development strategies have developed in recent years due to the competition for offshore outsourcing services. Thus, the developing nations are benefited by these outsourcing services and the job opportunities are gradually increasing in these nations.

Skilled Professionals : To meet the demands of the clients and customers, the professionals are trained to service the needs of the customers. As a result, the outsourcing services are provided to the satisfaction of the clients.

Limitations in Offshore Outsourcing

In spite of benefits, there are few limitations in offshore outsourcing such as legal and business issues with the outsourcing organizations in foreign countries compared to the companies of their native.

  • There is very less or no control towards the BPO service providers in their managerial actions, managing the employees for their various outsourcing job.
  • Less protection in maintaining the business confidential and security as it is given to manage outside outsourcing service providers for the activities such as payroll, medical transcriptions and other financial transactions.
  • The major negative aspect of offshore outsourcing is the unemployment for the people in developed nations because of the outsourcing projects offered to foreign countries and threats their own economy.
Here are the complete list of the bpo offshoring services that you can outsource to us.

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